Why should Teachers create Mathcasts?

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1.Teachers like good resources.
2.Whiteboard Movies improve teacher explanation, the same as they do for students.
3.They allow other teachers see different methods of doing problems.
4.They allow us to help other teachers. Most teachers would be very grateful to be shown a different way to explain a concept or a really neat method to use.
5.Whiteboard Movies allow us to explain – live – those neat little shortcuts that may be useful. Seeing a ‘short’ method lacks somewhat on paper, but a Whiteboard Movies gives the real thing – voice and all.
6.There are elements in standards and syllabi which can be tremendously enhanced by using a live recording of student work. When we grade a paper, we don’t always get what students are thinking. Now we can.
7.Problems and explanations can be set up in the case of absences- helpful for when a student is not able to get to school or the teacher knows someone will be absent in advance.
8.There are many teachers who have a poor education in certain disciplines. No need to be embarrassed now. With just a click on a button, these teachers can view other teachers actually teaching many problems, see various explanations and teaching methods.
9.It’s different.


Teachers can support student learning outside of their classroom by creating and sharing Whiteboard Movies of lessons, tutorials, and problem solutions. If teachers were to coordinate their efforts a vast library of movies could be created in a very short period of time in multiple languages. Teachers can also collaborate asynchronously with their colleagues by creating Whiteboard Movies that share methods for teaching certain topics.




Contributed by Graeme MacNeil. He also wrote this testimonial.

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