Why should Students create Mathcasts?

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1.Students like to show what they can do. They like to see things they have completed and see others taking notice, irrespective of year level.
2.Whiteboard Movies improve student confidence (and coordination) when using some the best technology. This also empowers them to an extent where they can teach others. The simple task of teaching others improves one's own understanding and methods of explanation.
3.They are an excellent source of self-review and improvement. Students can complete a problem and then review their own work. They can look at aspects like their problem set up, usage of correct terminology and whether steps have been missed. These, with the advice of a teacher or parent, help students improve their work in the classroom.
4.Impaired students have a way (as others) to permanently record their progress, both in problem or project form.
5.They can form a valuable development portfolio for personal or assessment purposes.
6.They allow students to demonstrate their understanding in a manner that the traditional test paper does not allow.
7.Students tend to be very critical of their work once they view it (3rd, 4th and 5th grade examples). This increases their natural desire to improve.
8.Students are engaged and strictly on task.
9.They give students another method to complete homework.
10.It’s different!





Contributed by Graeme MacNeil. He also wrote this testimonial.

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