Whiteboard Math Movies

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Published in the Oxford Journal "Teaching Mathematics and its Applications"


Authors: Tim Fahlberg, Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska and Rev.Graeme MacNeil

Submitted: March 2006

Accepted: July 2006




In this article, we discuss whiteboard math movies (a.k.a. mathcasts) and their applications to mathematics education.  A whiteboard math (wbm) movie is a screen recording of writing plus voice and/or text explaining a mathematical concept or solving a problem. The movie is then produced to Flash movie format and distributed via CD or Internet.


The wbm movies are the ultimate in asynchronous learning providing a simple and inexpensive means of interaction at the teacher-student, teacher-teacher, student-teacher and student-student level.


With wbm movies both the creator and the viewer get to see and hear the mathematical thinking step by-step. They get the process and not just the result and they can have it when and as many times as they want.


We talk about how Tim Fahlberg came up with this idea over 8 years ago and describe the developments in technology that are at least partially the result of our team’s work that now make wbm movie making a cost-efficient, cost-effective and even a fun way of truly learning mathematics.


Read the full article from Oxford Press' website (7 page pdf)



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