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Graeme, Linda, and Tim have been the biggest contributors to the field

Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovski

   * Many dynamic ExamView questions (coming soon)

   * Wrote "Using ExamView Pro in Math"

   * GeoGebra tutorials and interactivities

   * Book: "Whiteboard Movie Making Methods"

   * Articles on mathcasts (2)
   * Created large set of calculus mathcasts

   * Much more (coming)

   Visit Linda's sites: English   Macedonian and Albanian
   Read Linda's SL2RL-Math247 blog


Rev. Dr. Graeme MacNeil

   * Created this site twice including this version

   * Many dynamic math and physics ExamView questions

   * Long article on Agent Character Movies

   * Wrote this wonderful testimonial

   * Wrote Purpose of Mathcasts - Students, Teachers, Parents

   * Created mathcasts rubric

   * Much more (coming)


   Visit Graeme's The Math Maker


Tim Fahlberg

   * More (coming)


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