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Students' Mathcasts - VoiceThreads - Contributions to the K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project


5th Grade - See 5th Grade Number Sense


By Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard's 5th grade students.


Visit their awesome website here:


Here are some new mathcasts created with a SMART notebook recorder.  The topic was geometry..identifying missing angle measurements in triangles and quadrilaterals.







Note: Click on the hmtoggle_plus0 to open the mathcast and hmtoggle_plus1 to close it.


hmtoggle_plus15NS.1.1 Estimate, round, and manipulate very large (e.g., millions) and very small (e.g., thousandths) numbers.



hmtoggle_plus15NS.1.2 Interpret percents as a part of a hundred; find decimal and percent equivalents for common fractions and explain why they represent the same value; compute a given percent of a whole number.



hmtoggle_plus15NS.1.3 Understand and compute positive integer powers of nonnegative integers; compute examples as repeated multiplication.



hmtoggle_plus15NS.1.5 Identify and represent on a number line decimals, fractions, mixed numbers, and positive and negative integers.



hmtoggle_plus15NS.2.3 Solve simple problems, including ones arising in concrete situations, involving the addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers (like and unlike denominators of 20 or less), and express answers in the simplest form.



hmtoggle_plus15NS.2.5 Compute and perform simple multiplication and division of fractions and apply these procedures to solving problems.




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