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1.Find the linear factorization of x3-4x2-7x+10 Part 1 Part 2 - Part 2 shows the use of the Virtual TI graphing calculator TRF
2.Given 2+ 3i is a zero, find the other zeros of f(x)=x4-4x3+10x2+12x-39 (View mathcast)
3.Find a third degree polynomial with zeros at 3 and 1+i. (View mathcast)
4.Use synthetic division and the Remainder Theorem to find f(3) for f(x)= 4x3-x2+3x+1 (View mathcast)
5.Draw the graph of f(x)=x(x+3)2(4-x)3 clearly labeling the x-intercepts (View mathcast)
6.Find the potential rational zeros for f(x)=5x3+x2-3x-2 (View mathcast)


Precalculus with GeoGebra


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