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Enhancing those Mathcasts ...


FSCreations' ExamView Assessment Suite - Testing and assessment software ($139). A number of mathcast makers use dynamic ExamView questions and solutions to create copyright free standards-aligned math and science questions as the basis for their movies. Many of us are also now starting to share our question banks.


Ventura Educational Systems math and science clip art CD collections (about $50). These are huge collections of clip art that have been primarily created by Dr. Fred Ventura, a gifted artist and former math teacher/professor.


A TI Virtual Calculator (TI 82, 83, 83+, etc) will allow you to show how to use this tool on screen. It's a great tool for classroom use as well and a great improvement over using an overhead projector, a special TI graphing calculator, and a fragile (and expensive) viewscreen.


TI SmartView (TI-84) - like the TI Virtual calculator but with more features. About $135 US. 30 day free trial available to educators. The September 2006 issue of the NCTM's Mathematics Teacher had a great article/review of this product.




Needed:  Could someone make some screencasts showing how TI SmartView works for the rest of us?


These two screencasts are of the same problem using the TI-SmartView but one has captioning (or subtitles).  The problem is determining the displacement by using the area under a velocity-time graph.


oTI-SmartView without captions.
oTI-SmartView with captions.

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