NECC 2008

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Mathcast Spaces: Thinking, Doing, and Sharing Mathematics Out Loud.

Two page handout:

HTML version
PDF version

This presentation is available in as a UStream video in two parts (Recorded by Norman Morgan of Austin, TX - Thanks!).




Some of Rev. Dr. Graeme MacNeil's past students making mathcasts.

See: Mathcasts by Students


Introduction: Tim Fahlberg

Presenters: Tim Fahlberg, Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska, Robert Fant, Martha Thornburgh
A (very) brief history of mathcasts (more)
A quick Jing mathcast (using InterWrite Workspace without a mouse)



K-7 Mathcast 500 Project (VoiceThreads) + Mathcasts Library (Camtasia)
Future tools: LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen (Pencasts about math)


Demonstrations of mathcast creation, production, and sharing.

Robert Fant:  Using VoiceThread - Doodling, or adding voice  on image).

Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska: By recording writing & other applications on the screen using Camtasia Studio.


Using mathcasts for authentic assessment & collaboration.

Mathcasts in the classroom: Martha Thornburgh.

Mathcasting tools & how to use them.


Beyond NECC 2008:

Look for our article "Mathcasts – Show and Tell Math Concepts" in the August 2008 issue of ISTE’s Learning & Leading with Technology.
Become a member of our wiki or create your own and add mathcasts to it.
Email us with questions or links to your mathcasts.


Tim Fahlberg

Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska

Robert Fant





Mac users:

Jing, VoiceThread, or SnapZ Pro (coming soon: Camtasia for the Mac) & for hosting.


PC users:

Start with Jing & and/or VoiceThread for short mathcasts or commenting on images.

Use Camtasia Studio for longer or more complex mathcasts when you need to record applications (SMART Notebook, InterWrite Workspace, Microsoft OneNote, etc), need to edit, or distribute mathcasts on a CD, iPhone, iPod, etc..

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