Navigating Math247

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This is the Math247 screen layout as it appears in Google Chrome.  Apart from the browser skin, other browsers will have the same features.




The nine areas indicated are explained below.





The browser's address bar will always show the main address.





A bread crumb trail can also help navigation.

Click on the house to go to the home page.





These buttons are used to move from one topic to another, print a topic or email feedback for a topic.






To find information or topics, click on any of the three available tabs.

Contents lists all the available topics.

Index lists key words.

Search will allow you to search the entire site.






The contents may be expanded by clicking on the + symbol.

To select a topic simply click on the topic.






If a site page or movie does not fit in the right frame properly, just click and drag the vertical bar to the left or right.




The content of the topic will appear as usual.






Links to other web sites will appear underlined in blue.

Links to other topics on this site will appear in blue without the underline.






If you want to bookmark the page, right-click and use the URL at the bottom.



Page url: