Mathcast Tools

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Ed.VoiceThread is free or inexpensive ($10 and up) for educators.
Upload images of problems to VoiceThread.  Comment on them: Doodling with mouse, text, voice, etc..
VoiceThread is a web-browser based tool.  It works on IE or Firefox and on PCs or Macs.
We used VoiceThread along with images captured using TechSmith SnagIt to create 500+ mathcasts for our K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project.


Jing or JingPro from TechSmith.
Use with document camera, free annotation software, etc.
Works on PCs or Macs.  Free (Jing) or $14.95 per year (JingPro).
You can record up to 5 minute mathcasts with Jing or JingPro and then easily share them through free 2 GB (also from TechSmith) account or in many other ways (embedded in InterWrite Workspace notebooks, SMART Notebooks, etc.).
Jing (free) will produce only to .swf (Flash) output format.  Camtasia Studio can now import these as well as .mp4 files created by JingPro.
Jing or JingPro allow you choose whether to copy a link to your screencast or the embed code to the clipboard.  The latter makes it incredibly easy to create a mathcast or screencast and embed it in your blog, wiki, etc..




Annotation Software

Although it is possible to create mathcasts with software like Microsoft Word, specialized math software, or other tools that generate text or images most of us have found annotation software like InterWrite Workspace, Smart Notebook software, Blade NotateIt, or Microsoft OneNote to be extremely helpful.


ExamView Question Banks

Question banks with dynamic questions are a great resource for mathcasts.


Graphics Input Devices

Although you can create mathcasts with only a mouse & keyboard for input there are several types of graphics input devices like graphics tablets, Tablet PCs, and electronic whiteboards which will help you create mathcasts much more easily than with a mouse alone.


Screen Recording and Production Software

Screen recording and production software is required for capturing writing, typing of text, or animations and producing them in a format for the web, CDs, or portable devices like the video iPod, Pocket PC, Palm, or Sony PSP.


Sound Recording

Headsets & microphones


Sharing and Distributing Mathcasts

Share them on the web, on mobile media devices, or on CDs, DVDs, or USB memory devices.


Other Software


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