Mathcasts in the News

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Mathcasts and screencasts in the news (print, web, blogs, etc.)


1.September 29, 2006: Jon Udell's Friday podcast: A conversation with Tim Fahlberg about mathcasts, clickers, and the future of education. (Read and hear more.)


2.August 25, 2006: Article "Whiteboard Math Movies" by Tim Fahlberg, Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska, and Graeme MacNeil published in the Oxford Journal "Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications" Abstract or Entire article (pdf).


3.July 10, 2006: Will Richardson blogs about in his (The wiki was inspired by Will's book "Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms").


4.July 2006: Gnomedex and Relearning Math in a Mathcast Betsy Weber (Chief Evangelist for TechSmith) blogs in the TechSmith Visual Lounge about meeting with Tim Fahlberg to create a screencast & mathcast together during her visit to the Emerald City. The blog post links to the screencast/mathcast Tim & Betsy created.


5.April 2006: Article on screencasting tips by Betsy Weber (Chief Evangelist for TechSmith - her blog is "The Visual Lounge"). This article features tips by screencasters which included ones by "The Team" (Dr. LInda Fahlberg-Stojanovska, Rev. Graeme MacNeil and me).


6.March 2006: Brief mention of screencasting in article on use of Moodle to support maths education in UK.


7.December 5, 2005: Article on Customer Evangelism ("Spreading the Word: Corporate evangelists recruit customers who love to create buzz about a product") by James Pethokoukis in US News & World Report. Highlights Betsy Weber at TechSmith and the importance of her to my life's work with Whiteboard Movies. It also mentions my teaching the use of TechSmith Camtasia Studio to create "multimedia tutorials". (Page 2 features TechSmith & Betsy Weber).


8.November 23, 2005: Featured in TechSmith Education Customer Story "Educational Technologist Helps Teachers Use Videos to Support Student Learning" .


9.November 22, 2005: Betsy Weber blogs about Whiteboard Movies on TechSmith's web site. Read her post.


10.October 17, 2005: Whiteboard Movies featured in the Math Forum's Internet newsletter.


11.June 1, 2005: eSchoolNews article "Video Goes to School, Part 3", includes section on screen recorded whiteboard movie based on telephone interview between article's author Cara Branigan and Tim Fahlberg.


12.January 4, 2005: "All a (White) Board".  Article in the Issaquah Press (Issaquah, Washington, USA) about Tim Fahlberg and Jake Nonis' work with whiteboard movies and desire to now share this work with Issaquah and other district's teachers and benefit the Issaquah Schools Foundation.


13.October 26, 2004: "Math Methods".  3rd grade students creating whiteboard movies (Tri-City Herald, Washington State, US - Online article no longer available).

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