Mathcasts by Children

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Younger than kindergarten age.


Mathcasts by Sarah (born July 17, 2001) with her father (Tim Fahlberg)




1.Counting (Created 23 April 2005)
2."Reading" and Counting Bears (Created 15 September 2006)



For 1:

Created in April 2005 with a Tablet PC.
Sarah was a little less than 4 years old when she and Tim created these movies.
The biggest challenge (and you can hear it) was keeping the microphone and pen out of Sarah's mouth!
Sarah was very engaged in the process especially after she watched & listened to her her first movie.


For 2:

Sarah created this movie for Ms. Carl, her wonderful kindergarten teacher at Phantom Lake Elementary (Bellevue School District, Washington State, USA), to help show she'd done her homework (Read "1 bear, 2 bears, 3 bears, 4, 5 bears, 6 bears, 7 bears, more").
Sarah is very excited about reading thanks to Ms. Carl. She came home with the paper and read it to us ('performed' it really) at least 6 times. What fun!
We used an inexpensive (< $100 US) graphics tablet (Tim - for the writing on the left & Sarah for pointing at the words) but could have used just a mouse and text.
We took about about 5 minutes to create the movie (Sarah had used a Tablet PC before but not a graphics tablet with a pen so it took an extra minute to help her get used to this)
Notice the buttons and links at the bottom of the screencasts page to download & play mp3, iTunes/iPod, and wmv (Pocket PC) versions of this movie.

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