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Where to find ExamView Question Banks


Banks available on this site - the organization is still in progress.


oFor Grades 4-8: Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska and her students have created a number of question banks for grades 4-8. See this resource on her site.
oFor Algebra: Banks and Practice Tests.
oFor calculus: Good Questions for Calculus.
oMore: Mathcasts Library - and look throughout the right-hand column for links to banks and pdfs.


ExamView Learning Series



oOver 5,000 textbooks now come with ExamView test banks.  You can find out if your textbooks have ExamView test banks available for them by searching for them using FSCreations' Title Track.
oIf your textbook does not come with an ExamView question bank then call your textbook company representative and request it.  Textbook companies like Pearson (Prentice-Hall and Scott Foresman), Holt, McGraw-Hill, and many others are already in the process of adding ExamView question banks to most or all of their current and future titles.


Creating your own from existing tests and quizzes:

oUse the free ExamView Import Utility which now comes as part of ExamView 5.x to convert Word documents (save them as .rtf files) containing tests and quizzes to ExamView question banks.  Read and follow the special formatting guidelines provided.
oLearn more about this



What is an ExamView Question Bank?


A set of questions classified by grade level, subject, standard, etc. used to generate study materials and tests.

It is part of the ExamView Assessment Suite and ExamView Test Manager.



Types of  ExamView Questions

ExamView Questions can either be static or dynamic.

oStatic questions are the same every time you use the bank.
oDynamic questions have built in variables so that every time you open the question, parts of it change- for example the numeric values and the situation change. However, the goal of the question, the difficulty level and the principles used to solve the question remain the same.Such questions are invaluable both to educators and students! ExamView Question Bank Sampler.


Exam View Questions can be

oMultiple choice - this is great for online testing or interactive classroom use with CPS
oNumeric response
oTrue/False, Short Answer and other types

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