Annotation Software

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All prices are US Dollars.


InterWrite Workspace software (free for users of InterWrite products and their students, 45 day trial available).  Windows/Mac.  Wonderful software for annotation & lesson creation.  Buy one of their $399 wireless SchoolPads to get your entire school a license to their software.


SMART Notebook software (free for users of SMART products).  Windows/Mac.  Excellent annotation & lesson creation software but Smart's locking it all down with version 10.


Microsoft OneNote (<$100 for educators & students).  For Tablet PC users and Windows users with graphics tablets.  Very nice organizational tool which can serve double-duty as annotation software for WM making.


Blade Software's NotateIt (About $30).  Windows 98 and after.  Excellent annotation software.  Version 3.0 includes screen recording and the ability to embed movies in NotateIt files.


Microsoft NetMeeting's Whiteboard (free) - Comes with Windows 98 and after. OK software.


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