6th Grade

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Standards and Practice Problem(s)


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Students write verbal expressions and sentences as algebraic expressions and equations; they evaluate algebraic expressions, solve simple linear equations, and graph and interpret their results.


hmtoggle_plus16AF.1.1 Write and solve one-step linear equations in one variable.



hmtoggle_plus16AF.1.2 Write and evaluate an algebraic expression for a given situation, using up to three variables.



hmtoggle_plus16AF.1.3 Apply algebraic order of operations and the commutative, associative, and distributive properties to evaluate expressions; and justify each step in the process.



hmtoggle_plus16AF.1.4 Solve problems manually by using the correct order of operations or by using a scientific calculator.






Students analyze and use tables, graphs, and rules to solve problems involving rates and proportions.


hmtoggle_plus16AF.2.1 Convert one unit of measurement to another (e.g., from feet to miles, from centimeters to inches).



hmtoggle_plus16AF.2.2 Demonstrate an understanding that rate is a measure of one quantity per unit value of another quantity.



hmtoggle_plus16AF.2.3 Solve problems involving rates, average speed, distance, and time.






Students investigate geometric patterns and describe them algebraically.


hmtoggle_plus16AF.3.1 Use variables in expressions describing geometric quantities (e.g., P = 2w + 2l, A = 1/2bh, C = pd - the formulas for the perimeter of a rectangle, the area of a triangle, and the circumference of a circle, respectively).



hmtoggle_plus16AF.3.2 Express in symbolic form simple relationships arising from geometry.



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