5th Grade

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Standards and Practice Problem(s)


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Students display, analyze, compare, and interpret different data sets, including data sets of different sizes.


hmtoggle_plus15ST.1.1 Know the concepts of mean, median, and mode; compute and compare simple examples to show that they may differ.



hmtoggle_plus15ST.1.2 Organize and display single-variable data in appropriate graphs and representations (e.g., histogram, circle graphs) and explain which types of graphs are appropriate for various data sets.



hmtoggle_plus15ST.1.3 Use fractions and percentages to compare data sets of different sizes.



hmtoggle_plus15ST.1.4 Identify ordered pairs of data from a graph and interpret the meaning of the data in terms of the situation depicted by the graph.



hmtoggle_plus15ST.1.5 Know how to write ordered pairs correctly; for example, ( x, y ).



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