5th Grade

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Standards and Practice Problem(s)


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Students use variables in simple expressions, compute the value of the expression for specific values of the variable, and plot and interpret the results.


hmtoggle_plus15AF.1.1 Use information taken from a graph or equation to answer questions about a problem situation.



hmtoggle_plus15AF.1.2 Use a letter to represent an unknown number; write and evaluate simple algebraic expressions in one variable by substitution.



hmtoggle_plus15AF.1.3 Know and use the distributive property in equations and expressions with variables.



hmtoggle_plus15AF.1.4 Identify and graph ordered pairs in the four quadrants of the coordinate plane.



hmtoggle_plus15AF.1.5 Solve problems involving linear functions with integer values; write the equation; and graph the resulting ordered pairs of integers on a grid.



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