3rd Grade

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Standards and Practice Problem(s)


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Students choose and use appropriate units and measurement tools to quantify the properties of objects.


hmtoggle_plus13MG.1.1 Choose the appropriate tools and units (metric and U.S.) and estimate and measure the length, liquid volume, and weight/mass of given objects.



hmtoggle_plus13MG.1.2 Estimate or determine the area and volume of solid figures by covering them with squares or by counting the number of cubes that would fill them.



hmtoggle_plus13MG.1.3 Find the perimeter of a polygon with integer sides.



hmtoggle_plus13MG.1.4 Carry out simple unit conversions within a system of measurement (e.g., centimeters and meters, hours and minutes).






Students describe and compare the attributes of plane and solid geometric figures and use their understanding to show relationships and solve problems.


hmtoggle_plus13MG.2.1 Identify, describe, and classify polygons (including pentagons, hexagons, and octagons).



hmtoggle_plus13MG.2.2 Identify attributes of triangles (e.g., two equal sides for the isosceles triangle, three equal sides for the equilateral triangle, right angle for the right triangle).



hmtoggle_plus13MG.2.3 Identify attributes of quadrilaterals (e.g., parallel sides for the parallelogram, right angles for the rectangle, equal sides and right angles for the square).



hmtoggle_plus13MG.2.4 Identify right angles in geometric figures or in appropriate objects and determine whether other angles are greater or less than a right angle.



hmtoggle_plus13MG.2.5 Identify, describe, and classify common three-dimensional geometric objects (e.g., cube, rectangular solid, sphere, prism, pyramid, cone, cylinder).



hmtoggle_plus13MG.2.6 Identify common solid objects that are the components needed to make a more complex solid object.



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