3rd Grade

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Standards and Practice Problem(s)


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Students select appropriate symbols, operations, and properties to represent, describe, simplify, and solve simple number relationships.


hmtoggle_plus13AF.1.1 Represent relationships of quantities in the form of mathematical expressions, equations, or inequalities.



hmtoggle_plus13AF.1.2 Solve problems involving numeric equations or inequalities.



hmtoggle_plus13AF.1.3 Select appropriate operational and relational symbols to make an expression true



hmtoggle_plus13AF.1.4 Express simple unit conversions in symbolic form (e.g., __ inches = __ feet x 12).



hmtoggle_plus13AF.1.5 Recognize and use the commutative and associative properties of multiplication (e.g., if 5 x 7 = 35, then what is 7 x 5? and if 5 x 7 x 3 = 105, then what is 7 x 3 x 5?).






Students represent simple functional relationships.


hmtoggle_plus13AF.2.1 Solve simple problems involving a functional relationship between two quantities (e.g., find the total cost of multiple items given the cost per unit).



hmtoggle_plus13AF.2.2 Extend and recognize a linear pattern by its rules (e.g., the number of legs on a given number of horses may be calculated by counting by 4s or by multiplying the number of horses by 4).



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