2nd Grade

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Standards and Practice Problem(s)


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Students collect numerical data and record, organize, display, and interpret the data on bar graphs and other representations.


hmtoggle_plus12ST.1.1 Record numerical data in systematic ways, keeping track of what has been counted.



hmtoggle_plus12ST.1.2 Represent the same data set in more than one way (e.g., bar graphs and charts with tallies).



hmtoggle_plus12ST.1.3 Identify features of data sets (range and mode).



2ST.1.4 Ask and answer simple questions related to data representations.





Students demonstrate an understanding of patterns and how patterns grow and describe them in general ways.


2ST.2.1 Recognize, describe, and extend patterns and determine a next term in linear patterns (e.g., 4, 8, 12 ...; the number of ears on one horse, two horses, three horses, four horses).


2ST.2.2 Solve problems involving simple number patterns.


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