2nd Grade

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Standards and Practice Problem(s)


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Students understand that measurement is accomplished by identifying a unit of measure, iterating (repeating) that unit, and comparing it to the item to be measured.


hmtoggle_plus12MG.1.1 Measure the length of objects by iterating (repeating) a nonstandard or standard unit.



hmtoggle_plus12MG.1.2 Use different units to measure the same object and predict whether the measure will be greater or smaller when a different unit is used.



hmtoggle_plus12MG.1.3 Measure the length of an object to the nearest inch and/ or centimeter.



hmtoggle_plus12MG.1.4 Tell time to the nearest quarter hour and know relationships of time (e.g., minutes in an hour, days in a month, weeks in a year).



hmtoggle_plus12MG.1.5 Determine the duration of intervals of time in hours (e.g., 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.).






Students identify and describe the attributes of common figures in the plane and of common objects in space.


hmtoggle_plus12MG.2.1 Describe and classify plane and solid geometric shapes (e.g., circle, triangle, square, rectangle, sphere, pyramid, cube, rectangular prism) according to the number and shape of faces, edges, and vertices.



hmtoggle_plus12MG.2.2 Put shapes together and take them apart to form other shapes (e.g., two congruent right triangles can be arranged to form a rectangle).



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