1st Grade

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Standards and Practice Problem(s)


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Students understand and use numbers up to 100.


hmtoggle_plus11NS.1.1 Count, read, and write whole numbers to 100.



hmtoggle_plus11NS.1.2 Compare and order whole numbers to 100 by using the symbols for less than, equal to, or greater than (<, =, >).



hmtoggle_plus11NS.1.3 Represent equivalent forms of the same number through the use of physical models, diagrams, and number expressions (to 20) (e.g., 8 may be represented as 4 + 4, 5 + 3, 2 + 2 + 2 + 2, 10 -2, 11 -3).



hmtoggle_plus11NS.1.4 Count and group object in ones and tens (e.g., three groups of 10 and 4 equals 34, or 30 + 4).



hmtoggle_plus11NS.1.5 Identify and know the value of coins and show different combinations of coins that equal the same value.






Students demonstrate the meaning of addition and subtraction and use these operations to solve problems.


hmtoggle_plus11NS.2.1 Know the addition facts (sums to 20) and the corresponding subtraction facts and commit them to memory.



hmtoggle_plus11NS.2.2 Use the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction to solve problems.



hmtoggle_plus11NS.2.3 Identify one more than, one less than, 10 more than, and 10 less than a given number.



hmtoggle_plus11NS.2.4 Count by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 100.



hmtoggle_plus11NS.2.5 Show the meaning of addition (putting together, increasing) and subtraction (taking away, comparing, finding the difference).



hmtoggle_plus11NS.2.6 Solve addition and subtraction problems with one-and two-digit numbers (e.g., 5 + 58 = __).



hmtoggle_plus11NS.2.7 Find the sum of three one-digit numbers.






Students use estimation strategies in computation and problem solving that involve numbers that use the ones, tens, and hundreds places.


hmtoggle_plus11NS.3.1 Make reasonable estimates when comparing larger or smaller numbers.




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