1st Grade

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Standards and Practice Problem(s)


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Students use direct comparison and nonstandard units to describe the measurements of objects.


hmtoggle_plus11MG.1.1 Compare the length, weight, and volume of two or more objects by using direct comparison or a nonstandard unit.



hmtoggle_plus11MG.1.2 Tell time to the nearest half hour and relate time to events (e.g., before/after, shorter/longer).






Students identify common geometric figures, classify them by common attributes, and describe their relative position or their location in space.


hmtoggle_plus11MG.2.1 Identify, describe, and compare triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles, including the faces of three-dimensional objects.



hmtoggle_plus11MG.2.2 Classify familiar plane and solid objects by common attributes, such as color, position, shape, size, roundness, or number of corners, and explain which attributes are being used for classification.



hmtoggle_plus11MG.2.3 Give and follow directions about location.



1MG.2.4 Arrange and describe objects in space by proximity, position, and direction (e.g., near, far, below, above, up, down, behind, in front of, next to, left or right of).


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